Eat My Kitchen Challenge Day 5

This is a challenge where I only eat at home for 7 days, using up as much of the food in kitchen as possible to cut back on food waste and save money. For more details, check out the intro post or days one, two, three, or four.

Intro thoughts:

It’s Election Day right now, though I’m writing about yesterday’s food (Monday, Nov 2). I am stressed AF and in case you need some non-political reasons to understand why, please check out this TikTok I made last night.

I am definitely going to see what kind of baked goods I can make today. I want to gorge on brownies or something, but would still not like to break my food challenge streak.

Weirdest things I found in my kitchen on day 5:

I think I’ve pretty much found what I’m going to find. But there’s still hope for an oddity or two.

Best things I found in my kitchen on day 5:

A frozen half of an everything bagel from my favorite bagel place


I tried to avoid my election (and secondary election outcome) stress by spending all day at my coworking space. I brought my own meals there, but I didn’t have time/mental stamina to prep anything for later.

Food log:

Coffee from my cold brew maker

Matzah ball soup with the matzah balls I made earlier in the week, frozen stock, the frozen cooked chicken I found day 4, and frozen radishes
The radishes were weird, tbh, they don’t freeze as well as I clearly hoped when I put them in there.
But I still ate multiple bowls of this. You can see the extra broth container in the corner of the picture.

Salad, which was mostly cucumbers with a little lettuce, with humus and pickling liquid as salad dressing, since I used up the rest of the salad dress in my fridge earlier this week.
Veggie burger on toast with cream cheese instead of regular cheese. (A good veggie burger is as good as a moderately-good hamburger.)

Free snack from the co-work space – pretzels. I know it’s not exactly within the rules, but I don’t think it violates the spirit. I wait until people raided all the chips before I took one of the remaining pretzel bags.

Follow the progress with day 6 (hey, we made it).

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