Eat My Kitchen Challenge Day 1

This is a challenge where I only eat at home for 7 days, using up as much of the food in kitchen as possible to cut back on food waste and save money. For more details, check out the intro post.

Weirdest things I’ve found in my kitchen so far:
-A lifetime supply of lentils, none of which I bought
-What I thought was a mix of canned beans turned out to be 3 cans of chick peas and one can of baked beans
-SEVEN bottles of hot sauce, incl. 2 bottles of Crystal and 2 of Frank’s (just, why?)

Had to stand on my tip toes just to get the picture.
No wonder the 3 bags of lentils were hiding there.

This morning I wrote:

Today’s going to be pretty easy, I think. I don’t plan on leaving home much, and I have a good stock of food to begin. Plus a few restaurant leftovers.

I’m going to start by focusing on food that will go bad – i.e. food in my fridge.

Frozen food will get eaten second, followed by shelf-stable food (i.e. cans, boxes). These last products are the easiest to transport or donate to a food pantry if I really can’t use them.

I prepped some food for tomorrow / later, since I was cooking a bunch anyway.

Whole roasted cauliflower (from Misfits box)
Eggplant “parm” (check back tomorrow for why that’s in quotes)
Matzah balls – plus I defrosted some stock

Food log:

Coffee from my cold brew maker and water

Roasted brussels sprouts (that I froze last year), leftover Korean pork dish (from Tuesday’s dinner), white rice and water
This rice is from Tuesday, but I always keep my extra rice from Asian restaurants, so I have quite a bit of it in my freezer. Expect to see a lot of reheated rice with spices.

Frozen ravioli, sauce from a random jar in the fridge, salad

Cereal with milk and frozen blueberries (not during breakfast)

Follow the progress with day 2.

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