Eat My Kitchen Challenge Day 3

This is a challenge where I only eat at home for 7 days, using up as much of the food in kitchen as possible to cut back on food waste and save money. For more details, check out the intro post, day 1 or day 2.

Big realization:

Yes, there’s a new realization pretty much every day. Today’s was that the seemingly giant food store in my house – real though it is – is mostly carbs and tomato sauce. I’m not doing too badly on frozen vegetables, but I’m already running out of proteins I want to eat. Why do I have so much chicken?!

Intro thoughts:

This was Halloween. I’m very impressed with myself for making it through on the food front. I came very close to drunk ordering delivery food after midnight, but did not. Thank you, food challenge, for saving me money and calories.

I also didn’t buy any new beverages. I drank sake I had bought for a nice dinner with a friend a month or so ago. However, a few friends came over (we hung out in my backyard), and they did bring drinks with them that I consumed.

Weirdest things I found in my kitchen on day 3:
Taramasalata – a delicious Greek spread that’s essentially tiny roe (think sushi tobiko) whipped with olive oil and lemon juice. It’s salty and flavorful, and I’m psyched to have found it, even if I didn’t have pita to eat it with. (Don’t eat it with tortilla chips; they’re already salty.)
Pickled jalapenos – I think I made these for a friend because holy sh*t were they too spicy for me. Have to remember to give him them soon.

Best things I found:
Frozen, cooked chicken leftover from a barbecue, well wrapped in both wax paper and tinfoil, inside a labelled plastic container. The dark meat shown below.


Just took some frozen chicken from the freezer, both cooked and raw

Oh, and made new cold brew. I love pre-made coffee.

Food log:

Coffee from my cold brew maker

Leftover Cornish hen breast (from yesterday) made into chicken salad on toast, green salad

Leftover Korean food – the end of it from Tuesday – with added cauliflower

Snacks: 3 more ravioli from yesterday
6 frozen dumplings made during quarantine
Apple with peanut butter

Follow the progress with day 4.

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