Track Your Spending to Understand Your Money Habits

Take a deep dive on how you’ve been using yourown money by tracking your spending. More information and templates below! Many people don’t create budgets because they don’t know where to begin. But there is a practical, doable strategy for moving forward with financial planning – tracking your own spending. Financial stability is ultimately dependentContinue reading “Track Your Spending to Understand Your Money Habits”

Figuring Out What You Can Spend on Housing

At some point in their young adult life, nearly everyone will have to figure out how much they can afford to spend on housing. But where to begin is so unclear. There are a few different ways to think about your housing expenses. The average American spends 37% of their (pre-tax) income on housing costs.Continue reading “Figuring Out What You Can Spend on Housing”

On Theme Gifts and Planning for the New Year

Looking Toward the New Year In this special end of year episode, the women of Money Funnies discuss personal finance themed gifts and plan for the new year.  One gift idea – for yourself or others – are notebooks to write down financial goals for the year, broken down by the month – plus ideasContinue reading “On Theme Gifts and Planning for the New Year”

Set Your Own Spending Standards

Help yourself stick to your budget and save money by creating your own standards about how and when to spend money. It’s important to set spending standards that work for your life – only you can truly know how long you should wait to spend over a certain amount of money.

21 Ideas for Ways to Spend Less

Join the group as they brainstorm ideas for spending less money. The little things really do add up. The more good financial habits we can get into, the easier it will be to save, tackle debt and keep control of our financial lives. So we present a variety of small ways to spend less. ThisContinue reading “21 Ideas for Ways to Spend Less”

10 1/2 Ways to Help Yourself Save Money

Join the group as they brainstorm ideas to make saving part of their routines. Spending less helps you have money to save but it’s also important to create systems to encourage ourselves to buildup our savings. In other words, ways to make us see that money as unspendable on everyday items. Good finances are allContinue reading “10 1/2 Ways to Help Yourself Save Money”

Crafting a Personalized Budget

Make a budget you can stick to using your own spending habits. Before starting to make a budget, we highly recommend to preliminary steps:  1 – Figure out your net income – how much money you actually have coming in.  If you are an employee of a company – or multiples companies – that shouldContinue reading “Crafting a Personalized Budget”