Pick the Best Debt Reduction Style for You

Decide the best debt reduction strategy for your needs and personality. Please check out our Organizing Your Debt page before reading this / watching this video. If you’ve done, that get out your debt organizational chart. Making a debt reduction plan and moving forward with it will help you focus productive energy toward your debt,Continue reading “Pick the Best Debt Reduction Style for You”

The Difference Between Credit and Debit Cards

Money Funnies discuss the difference between credit cards and debit cards. While many people get their first debit card in their teens, they often don’t understand the difference between that and a credit card until much later. Debit cards and credit cards are similar in terms of when people use them and how they look.Continue reading “The Difference Between Credit and Debit Cards”

Start to Crush Your Debt by Understanding It

Learn how to crush your debt with alittle organization and a lot of perseverance.  For many people, focusing on their financial health allows them to not create new debt, but also not make a real dent in the debt they already have. Before you create a debt reduction strategy, create a budget and establish patternsContinue reading “Start to Crush Your Debt by Understanding It”

Credit Scores Explained

Join the Money Funnies as they break down credit scores, credit reports and credit bureaus. A credit score is a number that’s supposed to represent how much of a credit risk a person is based on their previous financial behavior. Credit bureaus keep track of how much debt you have and how often you payContinue reading “Credit Scores Explained”