Eat My Kitchen Challenge Day 4

This is a challenge where I only eat at home for 7 days, using up as much of the food in kitchen as possible to cut back on food waste and save money. For more details, check out the intro post or days one, two or three.

Intro thoughts:

A good way to make homemade food more exciting is to prep it ahead. That may make it seem boring, but you’ll be more excited when you’re hungry and remember it.

I see a lot of jokes on twitter, etc. like “I just bought $200 worth of groceries and was too tired from shopping to cook, so I ordered a pizza.” I get you. Buy the food, prep the food, eat whatever and just remember to go back to the prepped food before it goes bad.

Weirdest or best things I found in my kitchen on day 4:

Nothing. Too hungover / busy watching tv shows from the ’90s on Sunday.


So I didn’t prep anything new, but I do want to revisit my Eggplant “Parm” dish. I certainly did not have the right ingredients for this. I sliced and baked the eggplant, and put it in a small baking pan with tomato sauce and the cheese I thought would work best – this odd sliced goat cheese I bought a week or so ago. It didn’t have the lushness of mozzarella or ricotta, but the flavors were still there.

Food log:

Coffee from my cold brew maker

Chicken wings with buffalo sauce, leftover stuffing muffins (see day 1) and cauliflower

Eggplant “parm” I made earlier in the week with the last 3 ravioli and extra sauce

Follow the progress with day 5.

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