Meet the Money Funnies: Monika

Hey, I’m Monika. I live with my girlfriend and our dog in a house I’m constantly redecorating. I love movies and got really into going to the drive-in when theaters were closed – and haven’t given up the habit! I wasn’t sure about these meetings when Rahel first suggested them, but they’ve been really funContinue reading “Meet the Money Funnies: Monika”

Crafting a Personalized Budget

Make a budget you can stick to using your own spending habits. Before starting to make a budget, we highly recommend to preliminary steps:  1 – Figure out your net income – how much money you actually have coming in.  If you are an employee of a company – or multiples companies – that shouldContinue reading “Crafting a Personalized Budget”

Meet the Money Funnies: Corinne

Nice to meet you. I’m Corinne. I immigrated to Queens with my parents when I was young and loved growing up surrounded by people from different parts of the world. I’ve worked really hard to get where I am professionally and have enjoyed focusing on financials with my friends for these meetings. My favorite topicContinue reading “Meet the Money Funnies: Corinne”

Credit Scores Explained

Join the Money Funnies as they break down credit scores, credit reports and credit bureaus. A credit score is a number that’s supposed to represent how much of a credit risk a person is based on their previous financial behavior. Credit bureaus keep track of how much debt you have and how often you payContinue reading “Credit Scores Explained”

Meet the Money Funnies: Siobhan

Welcome to Money Funnies. I’m Siobhan, and I’m so happy to be learning about personal finance with you all. My husband and I dream of buying a house here someday, but it’s a lot more expensive than the small town I grew up in. I love dark beer and mint chocolate chip ice cream, sometimesContinue reading “Meet the Money Funnies: Siobhan”