Great Stand Up Jokes About Money

This week we put together some great stand up jokes about money. Who doesn’t love a little stand up comedy about other people’s finances? The comedians cover: Investing in gluten stock Why do Americans have so much stuff?! Money can make you happy Crazy sh*t parents do around money Money and dating Includes: Whitney CummingsContinue reading “Great Stand Up Jokes About Money”

Set Your Own Spending Standards

Help yourself stick to your budget and save money by creating your own standards about how and when to spend money. It’s important to set spending standards that work for your life – only you can truly know how long you should wait to spend over a certain amount of money.

Understanding Bonds, an Investment Product

Join the ladies of Money Funnies as they learn what bonds are and how they work. Bonds are  a very common investment product (or vehicle) that people often don’t know much about. So how can you understand what bonds are?  Bonds are a form of debt taken out by corporations or governments. This is oneContinue reading “Understanding Bonds, an Investment Product”

21 Ideas for Ways to Spend Less

Join the group as they brainstorm ideas for spending less money. The little things really do add up. The more good financial habits we can get into, the easier it will be to save, tackle debt and keep control of our financial lives. So we present a variety of small ways to spend less. ThisContinue reading “21 Ideas for Ways to Spend Less”

10 1/2 Ways to Help Yourself Save Money

Join the group as they brainstorm ideas to make saving part of their routines. Spending less helps you have money to save but it’s also important to create systems to encourage ourselves to buildup our savings. In other words, ways to make us see that money as unspendable on everyday items. Good finances are allContinue reading “10 1/2 Ways to Help Yourself Save Money”