21 Ideas for Ways to Spend Less

Join the group as they brainstorm
ideas for spending less money.

The little things really do add up. The more good financial habits we can get into, the easier it will be to save, tackle debt and keep control of our financial lives.

So we present a variety of small ways to spend less. This list is a work in progress. Message us here or on social media with more ideas.

Also, don’t forget to set your own spending standards.

1. Carry items you might need with you, even when you think you don’t need them.

Having a granola bar will stop you from wasting money on impulse food when you’re getting too hungry.

Back up medicine and tampons, etc. are also super helpful.

These items are much more expensive if you have to buy one or two at a gas station or convenice store than if you buy a whole box.


2. But don’t buy stuff in bulk just because it’s cheap. We waste so much money on things we never use.

This doesn’t just mean at warehouse stores. Buy three, get one free deals are NOT a good deal if you were only going to get one to begin with.  Tiktok link

3. Use coupons.

4. Buy generic brands.

5. Never grocery shop hungry.

6. Make your gifts instead of buying them.

Food and Drinks

7. Invite friends over and ask each to bring one food or drink item, don’t go out.

8. If you do going to eat out, go at lunch or breakfast rather than dinner.

9. Drink tap water.

10. Go through your cupboards and eat the random canned and boxed food. I did made a challenge for myself with it.

Avoid Fees and other Unneccessary Costs

11. Pay your bills on time to avoid fees.

12. Check those bills for recurring subscriptions you forgot about.

13. Never use a random ATM, just your bank’s.

14. Call up the internet and cell phone company and ask for a better deal.

15. Turn down the heat in the winter and only use the a/c when it’s really hot out.


16.  Take care of your stuff.

17. Do more free activities at parks, museums, community centers.

18. Get rid of cable and share streaming accounts with a few friends.

Check out the video for more!

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