Meet the Money Funnies: Monika

Hey, I’m Monika. I live with my girlfriend and our dog in a house I’m constantly redecorating. I love movies and got really into going to the drive-in when theaters were closed – and haven’t given up the habit! I wasn’t sure about these meetings when Rahel first suggested them, but they’ve been really funContinue reading “Meet the Money Funnies: Monika”

Meet the Money Funnies: Corinne

Nice to meet you. I’m Corinne. I immigrated to Queens with my parents when I was young and loved growing up surrounded by people from different parts of the world. I’ve worked really hard to get where I am professionally and have enjoyed focusing on financials with my friends for these meetings. My favorite topicContinue reading “Meet the Money Funnies: Corinne”

Meet the Money Funnies: Siobhan

Welcome to Money Funnies. I’m Siobhan, and I’m so happy to be learning about personal finance with you all. My husband and I dream of buying a house here someday, but it’s a lot more expensive than the small town I grew up in. I love dark beer and mint chocolate chip ice cream, sometimesContinue reading “Meet the Money Funnies: Siobhan”