Understand Payroll Taxes & Paycheck Deductions

The Money Funnies explore payrolltaxes and other deductions that gettaken out from your paycheck. It’s important to understand the details of our paychecks and paystubs – what are our paycheck deductions. Not just the gross amount we get paid, but the taxes and deductions that get taken out. Most Americans today get a pdf versionContinue reading “Understand Payroll Taxes & Paycheck Deductions”

How to Write & Read Checks + Check Cashers

It’s CHECK WEEK here at Money Funnies. Yes, checks are still sometimes necessary in 2022. Checks may seem old-fashioned, but it’s still really important to know how to write a check and understand the information on checks. Section One: How to Write and Read a Check As a landlord who regularly has tenants in theirContinue reading “How to Write & Read Checks + Check Cashers”