Spending and Budgeting

Only you know the best way to budget and spend your money. 

We help you organize the information you already have and 

create your own spending and budgeting standards that work for your lifestyle.

Track Your Spending

Take the first steps to creating a budget by tracking your spending.

Crafing a Personal Budget

Make a budget you can stick to using your own spending habits. 

Set Your Own Spending Standards

Help yourself stick to your budget and save money by creating your own standards about how and when to spend money.

Housing Spending

Where to begin when figuring  out how much you can afford to spend on housing?

10 1/2 Ways to Help Yourself Save Money

Join the group as they brainstorm ideas to make saving part of their routines.

21 Ways to Spend Less

Join the group as they brainstorm ideas for spending less money. 

Create Realistic, Personalized Goals

Planning for a new year of spending and budgeting.