Get to know the US banking system, including different kinds of bank accounts, credit and debit cards,
how you can make money on the money you have in the bank and ways to avoid bank fees.

Bank Accounts

What are the four main types of bank accounts in the US, how many should you have and when is your money protected? These topics and more on this page looking at how you master the bank!


Checks may seem old-fashioned, but it’s still really important to know how to write a check and understand the information on checks.

Credit Cards vs Debit Cards

Breaking down the differences between credit cards and debit cards. 

Interest and Interest Rates

How does it affect my bank account? My credit card? Everything?!

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit are another service banks can offer. They lock up your money for a period of time in exchange for a return. 

Overdrawing Your Account

Why does my bank show money in my account then say I don’t have it? 

Bank Fees

Discussing bank fees that people commonly run into, from overdraft fees to fees for getting your statement on paper.

Credit Scores

Credit scores affect how much you pay for many things and can have great impact on your financial life.