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Track Your Spending to Understand Your Money Habits

Take a deep dive on how you’ve been using yourown money by tracking your spending. More information and templates below! Many people don’t create budgets because they don’t know where to begin. But there is a practical, doable strategy for moving forward with financial planning – tracking your own spending. Financial stability is ultimately dependentContinue reading "Track Your Spending to Understand Your Money Habits"

Mastering The Bank

Let’s break down the main types of bank accounts, how banks protect you and other secrets of their world! Banks offer many services, but the one we all use most often are bank accounts. There are four main types of accounts to know about. The most common are checking and savings accounts. Then the areContinue reading "Mastering The Bank"

US Income Tax Brackets

Learn about the US income tax system and figure out how your taxes are calculated. Income taxes are based on how much money we earn at our job(s) and are usually taken out of our pay before we receive it. In other words, most income tax is collected directly from our employer, so it isContinue reading "US Income Tax Brackets"

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