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Talking to Your Partner About Money

Let’s talk about talking about money!Relationship edition We recently discussed the importance of discussing financial matters with your romantic partner early on when dating. For people already in a relationship, money talks are even more key. Your romantic partner heavily impacts your spending habits. The depth of any conversation about this topic should match theContinue reading "Talking to Your Partner About Money"

US Income Tax Brackets

Learn about the US income tax system and figure out how your taxes are calculated. Income taxes are based on how much money we earn at our job(s) and are usually taken out of our pay before we receive it. In other words, most income tax is collected directly from our employer, so it isContinue reading "US Income Tax Brackets"

Figure Out How Inflation Works

The price of everything keeps going up! What is happening and can I do anything about it? Prices have been rising at rate not seen in the US in nearly 40 years! Why are prices rising and what is this inflation people keep talking about? Let’s all help ourselves better understand what’s going on andContinue reading "Figure Out How Inflation Works"

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