Coming Soon! Our Very Own Personal Finance Course

We are working on developing our very own personal finance course specifically for the needs of our audience.

Why is this needed? (From our founder, Rebecca)

During my time working in personal finance and real estate, I’ve learned a great deal about my own financial needs and behavior. At the same time, I’ve found a general lack of personal financial knowledge among people of all education and income levels.

Our country expects adults to be able to tackle a lot of personal financial matters, from deciding whether to rent or buy a home to saving for retirement.

Yet we don’t provide people with the skills to make these decisions. We should be teaching this in every school across the country (and the world). I wrote a piece on that very topic for Insider last year.

In this course, we will provide people with the education they deserve to have. You will be able to take the whole course or just study the topics you need.

We will begin rolling out this course in summer 2021. Please stay in touch if you think you might be interested.


Provide us some contact info and any specific areas you might like to know about – or suggestions.

We’ll get back to you as soon as there’s more information.