Figuring Out What You Can Spend on Housing

At some point in their young adult life, nearly everyone will have to figure out how much they can afford to spend on housing. But where to begin is so unclear. There are a few different ways to think about your housing expenses. The average American spends 37% of their (pre-tax) income on housing costs.Continue reading “Figuring Out What You Can Spend on Housing”

On Theme Gifts and Planning for the New Year

Looking Toward the New Year In this special end of year episode, the women of Money Funnies discuss personal finance themed gifts and plan for the new year.  One gift idea – for yourself or others – are notebooks to write down financial goals for the year, broken down by the month – plus ideasContinue reading “On Theme Gifts and Planning for the New Year”

Talking to Your Partner About Money

Let’s talk about talking about money!Relationship edition We recently discussed the importance of discussing financial matters with your romantic partner early on when dating. For people already in a relationship, money talks are even more key. Your romantic partner heavily impacts your spending habits. The depth of any conversation about this topic should match theContinue reading “Talking to Your Partner About Money”

How to Talk to Your Dates About Money

Let’s talk about talking about money!Date edition Conversations about money and financial matters are always difficult. But they are so important to have. Read more about talking to your parents about their plans. One of the most awkward but important is talking about money issues with people you are dating. No one in your lifeContinue reading “How to Talk to Your Dates About Money”

Why Do I Overdraw My Bank Account?

Do I have money to spend? Why does my bank show money in my account then say I don’t have it? People often have issues with overdrawing their bank account without realizing it. Often, before you spend money, the bank shows you having it in your account. But then you make the purchase and theContinue reading “Why Do I Overdraw My Bank Account?”

Understand Payroll Taxes & Paycheck Deductions

The Money Funnies explore payrolltaxes and other deductions that gettaken out from your paycheck. It’s important to understand the details of our paychecks and paystubs – what are our paycheck deductions. Not just the gross amount we get paid, but the taxes and deductions that get taken out. Most Americans today get a pdf versionContinue reading “Understand Payroll Taxes & Paycheck Deductions”

Interest Explained for Savings Accounts

Join the Money Funnies as they learn about the importance of interestfor savings account growth. How can my money make money for me? Compound interest. Two of the main ways interest affects people are savings accounts and debt payments.   You pay interest on overdue bills, like credit cards, and earn interest on savings accounts.Continue reading “Interest Explained for Savings Accounts”

How to Write & Read Checks + Check Cashers

It’s CHECK WEEK here at Money Funnies. Yes, checks are still sometimes necessary in 2020. Checks may seem old-fashioned, but it’s still really important to know how to write a check and understand the information on checks. Section One: How to Write and Read a Check As a landlord who regularly has tenants in theirContinue reading “How to Write & Read Checks + Check Cashers”

Great Stand Up Jokes About Money

This week we put together some great stand up jokes about money. Who doesn’t love a little stand up comedy about other people’s finances? The comedians cover: Investing in gluten stock Why do Americans have so much stuff?! Money can make you happy Crazy sh*t parents do around money Money and dating Includes: Whitney CummingsContinue reading “Great Stand Up Jokes About Money”

Figuring Out How Health Insurance Works

Insurance: Part Two This week we focus on health insurance,from how to get it to what it covers. The health insurance system is so difficult to figure out. But we’d like to help. Let’s start with what insurance is, at its core – a form of risk management to protect you from financial loss. InContinue reading “Figuring Out How Health Insurance Works”