Track Your Spending to Understand Your Money Habits

Take a deep dive on how you’ve been using yourown money by tracking your spending. More information and templates below! Many people don’t create budgets because they don’t know where to begin. But there is a practical, doable strategy for moving forward with financial planning – tracking your own spending. Financial stability is ultimately dependentContinue reading “Track Your Spending to Understand Your Money Habits”

Mastering The Bank

Let’s break down the main types of bank accounts, how banks protect you and other secrets of their world! Banks offer many services, but the one we all use most often are bank accounts. There are four main types of accounts to know about. The most common are checking and savings accounts. Then the areContinue reading “Mastering The Bank”

Understand Payroll Taxes & Paycheck Deductions

Explore payroll taxes and other deductions that get taken out from your paycheck. It’s important to understand the details of our paychecks and paystubs – what are our paycheck deductions. Not just the gross amount we get paid, but the taxes and deductions that get taken out. Most Americans today get a pdf version ofContinue reading “Understand Payroll Taxes & Paycheck Deductions”

Figure Out How Inflation Works

The price of everything keeps going up! What is happening and can I do anything about it? Prices have been rising in 2022 at rates not seen in the US in nearly 40 years! Why are prices rising and what is this inflation people keep talking about? Let’s all help ourselves better understand what’s goingContinue reading “Figure Out How Inflation Works”

How to Avoid Bank Fees

The women discuss bank fees that people commonly run into, from overdraft fees to fees for getting your statement on paper. Bank accounts help with many of our logistical financial needs (like the details of moving money around). But most charge fees that can quickly add up. This is particularly annoying since many of theseContinue reading “How to Avoid Bank Fees”

Talk to Your Parents about Their Money Plans

8 Tips for Getting the Conversation Started Talking about money can be an uncomfortable, and even taboo, topic. But your parents’ financial situation isn’t a concept or a tradition they tried to instill in you. While most people don’t realize it, your parents’ finances don’t stop impacting you when you can fully support yourself. AfterContinue reading “Talk to Your Parents about Their Money Plans”

Figuring Out What You Can Spend on Housing

At some point in their young adult life, nearly everyone will have to figure out how much they can afford to spend on housing. But where to begin is so unclear. There are a few different ways to think about your housing expenses. The average American spends 37% of their (pre-tax) income on housing costs.Continue reading “Figuring Out What You Can Spend on Housing”